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Frolic - A Celebration of Costume and Dance

Saturday, October 8th

with dj's

and resident DJ

with visuals and projections by
Skibit & MaliePono

The Original Furry Dance Party
Every Second Saturday of the month, let your inner animal out and join us for a night of music, dancing, mingling, and costumes! Join resident DJ NeonBunny and guest DJ's playing the best in Electronic Dance Music (house/progressive/trance/hip hop) in a friendly, playful, and creative environment. Animal costumes highly encouraged, and all costumes and admirers welcome.

Photos/Audio/Video available from Frolics Past (link)

Parking Info
There is usually plenty of free street parking on 9th and/or Harrison (more so on 9th). Just obey the parking laws, don't block any driveways, and don't park in any red zones. Use a little common sense when parking on the street, and don't leave anything visible in your car, and be aware of your surroundings and any surrounding eyes that might be on you.

If you feel you need to park in a secure lot, there is one located on the Costco (starting at 8pm when Costco closes) between 10th & 11th on Harrison (enter on 11th), and another on the corner of 12th and Harrison, and both have security that roam the lots until after 2am. The neighborhood is fairly safe, and San Francisco is known as one of the safer cities in the US, but it is still a city.

Lodging Info
Frolic is not a convention, we're just furries that take over a nightclub once a month to have some fun. Most of our guests come, enjoy the party, and head home after. But you might find yourself wanting to find a room in the city near by for a variety of reasons. You might be coming from a distance, might not have a designated driver (please, don't drive home drunk after Frolic!), or maybe you just want to have a whole weekend in San Francisco to enjoy the city, the local culture, sightsee or more. Well, right next to where we have Frolic are two really great options. On the low side of the price range (for SF), but still great quality four star hotels (and a fairly safe and easily accesible neighborhood). One hotel, the The San Francisco Inn, is right next door, so you can stumble to your room after the club, or have a private place to get in and out of fursuit. But also check the Civic Center Motor Inn across the street as price may fluctuate!

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