Join us once again for this daytime outdoor event as we enjoy good music, dancing, sunshine, and all kinds of animal costuming!

Located in the Oakland Hills in Joaquin Miller Park, just off Highway 13. It's a beautiful park full of grass and trees and gently rolling hills. Facing southwest, so it gets the benefit of the coastal cooling, with the sunshine of the East Bay. A perfect spot for a day of outdoor fursuiting.

We will have a tent set up for fursuiters to change and rest in. A dance area, with different dj's every hour. Bathrooms are about 100 feet away. Plenty of shade, plenty of picnic tables. We will fire up the BBQ grill with taste treats for all of you. Or bring a picnic for yourself, or a dish to share with others pot luck style.

This is a completely non commercial event, that is fully permitted. There will be nothing for sale, no need to bring any money. We will have non alcoholic drinks and water to give away. Beer and wine is allowed in the park, so feel free to bring a cooler or some drinks for yourself if you are over 21.

This is an all ages event, and everyone is welcome to attend!

Also, other groups will be using other areas of the park, so please be respectful and leave them alone and give them space.

In order to keep this as a free event, we have set up a donation system so you can donate in advance. We have secured all the proper permits and site use fees, and that ads up to $400. We also expect to spend another $200 on food and drink to give away. We don't mind putting up our own money, but could always use some help with this! You are all worth it!

Click the "Donate" button now to donate as little or as much as you can, every penny helps!

How to find us:

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