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On Saturday, January 17th, your favorite furry party Frolic is teaming up with a brand new nightclub The Continental, to bring you an epic one night furry dance party.

Featuring great dj’s in a friendly nightclub environment, themed video art, two full bars with friendly bar staff and much more. All only one block from the San Jose Convention Center!

Please note, this is a 21+ event, and you will be required to have your id and to remove your mask/fursuit head at the door to make sure you arn't some 16 year old kid with someone else's i.d. We know that trick, so don't even try. If you have a bag with you, security may ask to look through it to make sure you arn't sneaking in a large bottle of booze. This is a bar, support them by buying a drink or two.

How to find us:

The Continental is located at 349 South First Street, San Jose, about half a block from the San Jose Convention Center.

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What do you mean by full fur???

The real stars of our parties are those who attend. And in particular, those who get dressed up in costumes for our themes.

By full fur ($5), we mean a full fursuit (fursuit head and paws), or anyone dressed head to toe in a costume with nothing human showing. Some fur ($10) would be ears and a tail, or costume pajamas, or anything that shows us that you made an effort to dress in theme. No fur ($15) is street clothes like a t-shirt and jeans, etc.

Once again, we strive to bring only the best DJs and VJs to our events. The venue is brand new, opened in December of 2014, and has a state of the art sound system. We have a variety of different of styles of DJs who will be playing in 2 different areas.

Below is a list of the DJs performing for us this year, including links to DJ sets to get your moving as you head to the Bay Area!

Schedule for Saturday:

Hard & Dirty House & Funk
8:00-9:30 Shale Ari & MdKai 8:00-9:30 Raid Zero
9:30-11:00 Recca 9:30-11:00 Sean B.A.S.S
11:00-12:30 Genki 11:00-12:30 Forest Green
12:30-Close LycanCatt 12:30-Close NeonBunny

DJ Forest Green From being a featured DJ featured in the 2000 cult classic movie Groove, to being one of the hottest underground DJs in the country, and playing at some of the biggest nightclubs around the world, Forest is one of the most in demand female DJs in the business (and currently a sponsored dj by KikWear). Currently residing in both Chicago and San Francisco, she has deep roots in the Underground Rave Scene. Expect a DJ who knows her music, knows her tools, and knows how to connect with the dance floor.

DJ Genki Hailing from Virginia Beach, Genki has proven himself to be one top Freeform Hardcore producer and DJ, and become a staple of furry and anime conventions around the country, as well as quite a few massive raves and club nights in the Virginia Beach area. In the spirit of a very talented DJ, Genki plays a different set for every event, customized for that specific time and vibe, so you know you will hear something unique and different and not repeated if you also hear Genki spin elsewhere this weekend.

DJ LycanCatt Working a residency in Santa Clara, California, Lycan Catt is making a name for himself with his seamless mixing and mashing of many styles, from top forty to electro to hip hop. He's been a musician for 25 years now and applies a lot of that theory to his dj sets, working with pitch as well as tempo.

2012 Electro Bangers by Lycancatt on Mixcloud

DJ NeonBunny Co-founder and resident DJ of the popular furry nightclub night Frolic, Neonbunny has performed at some of the top clubs and large street fairs in the Bay Area over the last 15 years. Also a fursuiter, NeonBunny will perform in a custom fursuit built with integrated electronics especially designed for performing. And always on the search to define and redefine what "furry" themed music is, from sourcing music, to writing his own music.

Raid Zero Raid Zero established himself as part of San Francisco’s dance music scene after moving back to his hometown in 2011. With regular appearances at Temple Nightclub, EPR, and Cloud10 Music Festivals, Raid Zero is known for his high energy performance and crowd moving live sets that defy genre conventions.

Raid Zero’s production of Bootlegs and Mash-Ups are infused with festival and club sounds and have earned him praise from blogs such as Super Bangers, Paraguay Hits, BestDubstepSongs, and more.

DJ Recca Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Recca is an Electro House DJ who plays high energy mixes. He's been djing for many years, and plays at many furry conventions around the country.

DJ Sean BASS Sean Bass comes from a long line of Musicians and Artists. His father was the lead guitarist of the Apollo theater back in 1964 through 1969. He also played with The Bo Didley Jr 5 and for a number of stars such as Martha and The Vandalas and Maxine Brown. As a solo artist, he recorded a few singles during the Apollo theater's golden age.

Sean followed his father in the path of music and heeded the DJ call. DJ Sean Bass started his DJ life as Sean Bassett AKA DJ Leon Negro, working with the crew Harry Knuckles. Now As Sean Bass, he has performed at clubs 1015 Folsom, Snow Drift,and Ruby Skye. Sean even opened up for artists such as Jay J, Random Soul , Dj Dan, David Harness, Tony Humphries, Darren Holland, Colette, Stacy Kidd and MJ Cole. Finally Sean Bass is also a producer and artist on Shifted Music with new tracks to be released in 2015.

Before discovering furry, Sean was a staple DJ and performer in the larger Cosplay scene, where him and his wife would create very elaborate and detailed Cosplay outfits of their favorite characters. He has recently begun to discover his inner Minotaur side.

Future House Club Anthems by Sean Bassett on Mixcloud


VJ Skibit Co-founder and resident VJ at Frolic, Skibit has been producing real time visuals at Frolic for over 3 years now. Not only does he come up with his own customized furry graphics that are animated by the sound of the djs, but he also works his magic controlling the dmx intelligent dance lights, always making sure the fun dance visuals and vibe keep going from begining to end.
VJ MaliePono Whether at a Burning Man event, or as resident VJ at Frolic, visual artist MaliePono is always blending together some mind blowing visuals that stimulate and entice and help create a visually pleasing environment for dancing.

The Venue:
The Continental opened in early December 2014. As a new business, they completely gutted and renovated the space to maximize the potential and capacity of the venue. An all new sound system, all new bar, new floors, new walls even. They did a great job renovating the space, and it looks amazing. They hired professional bartenders and staff, who are all super professional and friendly.

We have done our best to explain the furry fandom to them, and they love the idea. One target goal of the venue is to be the go-to spot not only for attendees at Further Confusion, but for all the fan based conventions that come to the convention center throughout the year. As the programming manager is an active member in the Cosplay scene, they also understand the special needs that fursuiters and costumers will have, and making this as pleasant an experience is their #1 goal.

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